Would you like to sort your photos into albums?

With GeoTag Album you can select photos from your library, view them on a map and move quickly between them. It is also possible to add notes, move or copy the map coordinates from another photo. With GeoTag Album upload to Picasa, create a pdf file or KML (Google Earth, Google Maps) in a fast, simple and from anywhere.
The application includes a full size view and allows multiple-select and date select.

Create an album

Write the title of the album
Click the save button to start.

Edit photos

You can edit the photos from the list or from the brand of the map by clicking on the photo.
Write a title for your photo and a description
You can make a photo as "move" the pin will turn red and you can move around the map.
You can also copy the coordinates to paste them in another photo.
back to the original values or open the map application with the coordinates of the photo.
In the text URL address will appear, when you upload to picasa, you can also edit if you want a different URL.
If you delete the text, in upload to Picasa option the photo will upload again

Moves the position

If you marked the picture as can move.
The pin will turn red, this indicates that the pin can move around the map to a new position.
If you press the button you can choose to view all or only those that are marked can be moved to make it easier to scroll through the photos.

Tips and Tricks

You can make an album Address

Take a picture of a place and add it to your address book or album moves the position of a photo to the place you want.
In the title you can write the name and in description for example email or phone.
After you create a PDF and you have a mailing list
Or click on the button to see maps and get directions to that point. The application also allows you to send a single photo, so you can share data with others.
You can make an album with friends, customers, etc. ..

Create a small manual

Select photos of your library, in this case no matter which direction.
Write the title and description, exported to PDF and send it by mail.